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About me

Passionate for level design and trained in its fundamental pillars. If there's one thing I like more than playing games, it's creating them. 

My passion for gaming started with titles such as Wolfenstein 3D and Warcraft in the 90s and it never stopped growing. There's always a board game on my table and many video games on my mind. Paired with my desire of creative projects, being a level designer is my calling.

After getting my degree in interactive medias at UQAM, my Unity scripting knowledge made me shift towards game development. I realized how much I enjoyed it and studied Level Design at campus ADN to make a career out of it. The design training mixed with my past experience now allows me to create intuitive and fun levels. And while I enjoy good single player levels, I have a soft spot for multiplayer maps.

I am currently a junior level designer working on the game Star Citizen.


You can also contact me at

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