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Caterpillar Derelicts

Star Citizen

Fresh Fun Gameplay

There were no puzzles or type of gameplay of the sort in the game.

Modular Design

The puzzles are modular to mix and match accross multiple derelict crash sites.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.16: Return to Jumptown

-Puzzles and challenges using crates, mines, tractor beams, switches, etc. with some loot crates as rewards
-Modular puzzles to mix and match accross multiple derelict crash sites on multiple moons
-Missions integration to lure players to these locations

Challenges :
-This was the first integration of the loot system into the game
-We had carte blanche-ish to come up with any puzzles/gameplay we wanted to and find the tools to do so
-Most of these ingredients were never used before and brought many integration challenges, as well as coming up with fun LD patterns for them
-Though we did an art support pass over them, us designers did most of the level art ourselves

Star Citizen and everything here is under the ownership of Cloud Imperium Games. For more information, visit the 3.16.1 patch notes. 

This Inside Star Citizen dev log video is about the derelicts. See up to 1:18 for more information about the Caterpillar crash sites.

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