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Comms Center

Asymmetric TF2 CTF Map

3 weeks

I had 3 weeks to complete this project.

Asymmetric CTF

The main constraint for this map was to make it assymmetrical.

Comms Center is a TF2 map made for a school assignment. I am very proud to say this map came to be one of the most balanced, fun and beautiful ones in the class.

Design Intentions :
-Action packed gameplay for 6v6 with a central bloodbath
-Classic CTF layout style easy to understand
-Balanced for all classes while keeping both bases really different
-Use landmarks and different props to make each area easily recognizable

Challenges :
-Adapting a flawed concept made in sketchup while staying true to it as much as possible
-Taking the old school CTF style to make it assymmetrical and balanced
-Creating multiple paths to the objectives and keep them

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