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Hydroponic Greenhouse


14 weeks

The whole game was created in only 14 weeks. I have worked double shifts almost everyday, doing full time level design and full time programming.

Remote Work

Due to the pandemic, the whole production was done from home.

2 minutes

The level had to be 2 minutes walkthrough before adding any enemies or ingredients to the level.

HIVE Trailer

Roles : 
Level Designer
Gameplay Programmer
Sound Designer and Music Composer

Level Art :
Camille Loison

Hive is a sci-fi third person shooter / platformer created in Unity with a team of students. I had a full scale level to create and worked on almost every script in the game and made tools for designers, as I was one of the main coders for this project. I have also developped an advanced id system for every ingredient in the game to create and manage a world state. Besides that, I have adapted the 3Cs and implemented mouse and keyboard support. Being in charge of the steam preparation, I spent quite some time tweaking the game, reworking systems, fixing more than a hundred bugs accross all levels and much more.

Get the game here : Project Hive

Design Intentions :
-Linear with rewarding exploration
-Focus on gameplay while keeping some layout credibility
-Develop the narrative with the environment
-Enemy spawns that surprise the player without punishing him

Challenges :
-Creating a full level while taking more and more responbilities on the project with very little time
-Making a level for a game that has yet to be coded and have very little room for iterations once it's done because of the level art

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