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New Babbage Hospital

Star Citizen

Multiplayer Hub

This area is a key part of a major city in the game and is designed to hold many players and NPCs.

Respawn Area

This is where all the players on and around that planet respawn after they die. It is crucial in the gameplay loop and is visited by virtually all the players in the game again and again.

Star Citizen: Alpha 3.15 - Deadly Consequences.

Additional level designer : Nemanja Panic

-This location had to be added to the existing city and had to fit into that space.
-This is a social area (no missions) where players respawn and/or go to get healed. The navigation has to be good enough for repetitive passages, but also feel like a true hospital.

Challenges :
-New Babbage and Orison were the first locations shipped from the Montreal studio, which mean there were many challenges along the way and a lot of ramping up.
-This is where the new respawn system in the game was introduced. I was the designer tasked to integrate that feature into the game , starting with this location, working in collaboration with programmers from other CIG studios.

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