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Town Square

Valorant Plant/Defuse map 

1 week

This greybox was done in less than a week during my free time.

Personal Challenge

This map was a personal challenge. I decided to greybox a map of Valorant, while having no knowledge of the game. This was like switching to a new project or entering a new studio. I had to analyze existing maps, figure out the metrics and understand the gameplay quickly.

Basic level blueprints

The level has basic working blueprints to select the desired spawn/team, have gates open after the shop phase, pickup orbs and navigate using ingredients such as the rope.


Design Intentions :
-Keep it simple, have a very clear and clean layout easy to navigate and to understand.
-Have multiple paths to objectives
-Follow the Valorant metrics and the key elements placements.
-Block the most important line of sight areas, while keeping it open enough for player abilities.

Challenges/weaknesses :
-As a Counter Strike player, I had to take a step back and not follow the CS metrics. For instance, after having it testing by a Valorant player I was asked to remove a lot of covers.
-The map's theme is weak. I focused on the function and not enough on the form.
-The map is not organic and chaotic enough. It's very "rectangular" and clean.


Plant Site A

Plant Site B

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