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Various Projects

Miscellaneous & Game Jams


As a midterm project, we had to make a short story in Unreal Engine 4 using only environmental design.

Design Intentions :
-Room for interpretation
-Structure the level as a descent in one's mind rather than being architechturally correct
-Use the same assets and spaces and give them different meanings

Challenges :
-Creating a story with a small number of assets
-Making an experimental level without making it too abstract

Music by Kevin Macleod

Sanctuary Defense

Sanctuary Defense is a Tower Defense game made with Unity and published on Google Play. Except for about half the art and the music, everything is done by myself.

The goal was to make a game from scratch and to publish it, even if it was mostly for myself. I also wanted to learn how to properly make a game that works on most Android devices, aswell as using the Google API for features such as multiplayer leaderboards.

The biggest problem with the game is that its core design is not at all suited for phones. It should be various short levels and I never took the time to do that.

Pirates of the Boolean

Done in a weekend for a school asignment, this game is a simple shoot them up created with Unity.  While most people, if not everybody in the class, made something in space, I decided to make something different. Also, I wanted to create some sweet pirate music to go with it!


Another shoot them up for school, made in a few days. This one was created with Game Maker Studio and the intention was to have a different approach than the other students. I wanted something action packed, which is why you can dash through tons of enemies, battle multiple bosses and much more, paired with 8 string guitar and double bass drums. For simple homework, this turned out actually pretty fun. It would just need a better intro and teach mechanics.

Dispatch : Everyday Hero  (Square Enix Game Jam 2020)

Teammates : Julian Nasielski, Liora Haydont, Frédérick Brown Althot, Kylian Garcia and Étienne Chaumont

For Square Enix's / Montréal Joue's, my team and I had to create a board game with a hero theme, that also uses cellphones/tablets. We created a cooperative game where a dispatcher and a responder must complete challenges of emergencies within the Montreal area.

In summary, each turn new events occur and the players must move strategically to deal with the emergencies. If too many stack up in the same area, they lose. But if they clear them all, they win. To win a challenge, it's simple. The dispatcher draws a card with a number and some hints. Then, the responder enters that number in a smartphone app, which opens up a mini game. To win the mini game, he must follow the hints given by the dispatcher.

While Dispatch isn't a visually impressive game, being a team of designers we managed to make a very fun and surprisingly well balanced game. We had a lot of fun and we playtested the hell out of it. For more info and for the detailed version, click here.

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